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I'm happy to offer my three My❤️Channel romance novels in one complete set!

Kenzie, Betsy, and Alyssa each run their own unique online channels. But when romance streams into their real lives, will they subscribe to love?

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Interested in a little history behind these books?

Typically when I write a story, something sparks my imagination. But to really get the story down on paper, it needs to spark my heart as well.

When I wrote The Country Gentleman, I wasn't feeling sweet, romantic thoughts. I was grieving. Just like I write about in the story, the dense forest behind our home was clear cut. Every morning starting at about three a.m.--that's not a typo, three a.m.--the thunderous noise of trees falling and branches being ripped to shreds mingled with that of diesel engine machinery rolling over uneven ground. I had nightmares, and I couldn't stop thinking about the animals who lived there. Thankfully for the forest critters, an even bigger forest borders the one that was cleared, so I like to imagine they just scampered off to new homes.

For me, I watched the view change by the day. I had loved our privacy and the cozy forest around us. As heart-wrenching as it was, I can't stand moping. I found things to enjoy about our new view, including an unexpected view of Mt. Rainier and eagles diving down in the cleared area to hunt. We still have plenty of trees on our own property, so my family and I worked to build those up by planting more even saplings at the property line.

The other thing that I did to help heal my spirit was write a story. Once the idea came, the story flowed together like it was waiting to happen. Kenzie is passionate about her causes, both helping to raise money for cancer research and celebrating the great outdoors. She even has a MyHeartChannel (our fictional version of YouTube) helping viewers connect with nature. Unbeknownst to Kenzie, her new friend Peter is a logger, and the woods adjacent to her home are slated for clear cutting. (Hm...wonder where that idea came from?) One thing I wanted in the story was Peter's sense of stewardship over the land he clears, committing to replant the forests that come down. I hope the story is a balance of those two opposing viewpoints, but mostly it's a story of boy meeting girl and falling in love.

That's the first story.

Sweet Home Vermont kind of fell together as well. My friend Lucy McConnell first suggested we write stories about women who run their own online channels.

On Amazon, search MyHeartChannel to find books by Lucy and other series authors.

Her suggestion brought to mind the old Barbara Stanwyck classic Christmas in Connecticut. In it, the main character writes popular magazine articles about her life living on a farm with her husband and baby, while in truth she's single, doesn't have children, and can't cook. I thought that plotline could use some twists and turns--and a few breaks and bends--to make something completely new. I had a ball writing the story, and in the end I had a Happily Ever After for my two main characters with one very sexy and very broken potential love interest leftover. What to do with him?

I knew immediately that Accidentally Engaged for the Holidays would star Dean from Sweet Home Vermont. He'd need a few years to straighten out his broken parts, but underneath it all I knew there was a heart of gold. But who to put with Dean? I tried matching him with some nice women, but nobody worked well with him. I'd decided to put his story in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, on a Pacific Northwest Island in western Canada. Maybe it was that connection with Canada that made Alyssa come to mind.

Alyssa appeared in The Billionaire's Mermaid, and if you've read that book...yikes! She is a villain in a big way. No way would I set up someone I like with Alyssa. And yet...I couldn't get the pairing out of my mind. So I took a good look at Alyssa. I realized several years would have passed since Mermaid, and suddenly saw that Alyssa would have had a rough time in life after her bout of nasty behavior. Add that in with some extra hardships that were completely beyond her control, and I realized she was EXACTLY someone Dean would be drawn to.

Plus, she's gorgeous. That doesn't hurt.

So that's how these three stories came to be! Or at least the abridged version. I can't seem to write a story that doesn't have that kind of heart pumping life into it. Maybe someday I'll write another My❤️Channel book, but for now, here's my complete set. Enjoy!



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Spring Flings and Engagement Rings

I love being part of the Harvest Ranch Romance Series!
My coworkers are the best ❤️
Check out our Spring Flings and Engagement Rings stories, along with the rest of the series.


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Hometown Heart Beat releases!


I love book birthdays!

Hometown Heart Beat is set in the Harvest Ranch Romance Series, a multi-author sweet small-town series. All books can be read as standalones but contain fun appearances by characters from other stories.

I love stories with humor, so like my other books, this one will hopefully have you laughing out loud. One Goodreads reviewer says:

"You know how when you watch a Hallmark movie for the first time? Your eyes fill with stars, your heart fills with hope, and you can't help but laugh and wish the couple would get together already, but at the same time you don't cause you don't want the movie to end?

"That is EXACTLY how I felt about Hometown Heartbeat."


Fun fact about this book: Main character Veronica "Ronnie" Williams works as a reporter at the tiny Harvest Ranch Times--a big change from her past life as a foreign correspondent.
Like Ronnie, I studied journalism in college, and have always admired reporters who strive for honesty and integrity in their stories.

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Happy reading!
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New release coming October 5th!

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